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Welcome to the future of site inductions! Create your own site induction using our site online induction software or use one of our ready to go site induction templates. Create a site specific induction for contractors,e mployees or visitors for your workplace, site or project.

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Why setup a Site Induction?

Site Inductions are important to ensure that your workforce are aware of their safety obligations, awareness of site specific hazards, policies and procedures relating to the specific site, office, workplace or location they are working in.

A general induction to an organisation may give a basic overview but site inductions can give site specific emergency contacts, specific procedures for working at just that site, policies for that specific site and safety rules and hazards they need to be aware of that are only in relation to the site they are working at.

Keep a record of which site inductions a contractor, employee or visitor has completed. Which sites have they been inducted for? Display a list of site inductions on their induction card or have different site specific induction cards that can be scanned at each site for a compliance check.

  • Have contractors, employees and visitors do different site inductions
  • Use our ready to go site induction templates
  • Create your own site induction from scratch
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