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Safety Inductions are extremely important for every role, site, project and workplace. It's critical that all workers, employees, contractors and visitors have undertaken a safety induction before they start work. A safety induction typically involves going through a series of steps ranging from collecting important safety compliance materials from the worker through to an orientation around hazards, safety policies, procedures, awareness information and assessments.

Safety Induction Templates

What to include in a Safety Induction?

Safety Inductions are very important to ensure that your workforce are aware of their safety obligations, awareness of specific hazards present on site, safety policies and procedures relating to the worksite, office or location they are working in.

A safety induction might include content around Site access, Site safety rules, First aid kit location, Local emergency services to contact in the event of an emergency or incident, Asbestos, Chemical Management, Confined spaces awareness and procedures, Communication information, Environmental procedures and policies, Flora, Fauna and Heritage policy, Plant and equipment procedures, Installation of equipment procedures and hazard awareness and what to do for reporting new hazards on site.

Keep a record of safety inductions that a contractor, employee or visitor has completed on site. Which safety inductions have they been inducted for? Issue an induction card to confirm compliance with completion of the safety induction.

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