Why do you need Online Induction Software

Common drivers are improving compliance and creating an introduction to your organisation
Both Safety and HR are two divisions that Online Inductions commonly benefit but other departments also benefit ranging from Facilities Management through to IT. An Online Induction could be entirely safety focused with courses, check lists and online forms focused on compliance initiatives and safety awareness.

Or it could be a HR tool for broadcasting HR initiatives such as a message from the CEO, organisational policies and procedures, corporate governance and an introduction to the organisation, its mission, values and any housekeeping.

Combining HR and Safety is a very common mix for most inductions.

Of course these aren't the only areas, IT departments might wish to induct users on their systems and specific work flows and procedures through to other specific induction types such as a cleaners induction or a maintenance induction.

Online Inductions are an important part of an organisations message to staff, contractors and visitors. Regardless of the size of your business, it is important to have an online induction. Research showns that it increases staff retention and improves the speed at which employees are integrated into your business.

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