Safety Management System & Health and Safety System

Staff check list
Site specific inductions
Create your own induction content
Use our existing templates
Reduce and manage risk
Questions on content with scoring
Staff and Contractor Training Software

Set up a simple custom assessment and brief review of the course content!

Ensure that all contractors undertaking physical work know your safety requirements and are able to work safely on all our sites.

Ensure that contractors are safe while working on sites and that your customers, visitors and staff are also kept safe.

Provide one standardised induction to enable contractors to access all sites rather than have to complete many brand specific inductions.

Control Your Induction Training

  • Collect all the information you need for each staff member
  • Company details and ABN
  • Whether they have appropriate and current experience
  • Assess whether they know the induction content

    Publish a relevant health & safety policy available to all inductees and record they have read and understood it

    Staff Safety Measures

    Centralise all your safety measures through a central portal

    Issue the following from the portal:

    Hot Work Permits
    Confined Space Work Permits
    Fire Equipment Impairment Notices
    Hazardous Work Permits
    Any government authority permit for work on a total fire ban day.
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